Hold onto your spatulas because, in the world of baking, stories mix in with every sprinkle of sugar and spin of frosting. We sat down (virtually, of course) with Middlé Lemoine, the genius behind Capital Sweet Eats.  Ready for a peek behind the scenes? Let’s talk about how Middlé turned her baking passion into something big. From favourite cherished memories to Caribbean-inspired vibes, here’s your front-row ticket to Middlé’s world of baking magic! 

Baking Origin Story: 

As you read the story behind Capital Sweet Eats, you’re stepping into a world where family traditions and heartwarming memories are woven into every batch. Middlé Lemoine, the founder, takes us back to her baking roots: «All of my baking stories growing up are centred around my grandma. She lived with us before retiring to Haiti, leaving behind a treasure trove of Haitian desserts and savoury dishes that continue to flavour the present.»

Recalling those moments, Middlé vividly describes following her grandmother around the kitchen, watching as she meticulously crafted recipes from scratch, infusing them with the vibrancy of fresh ingredients that painted every plate with a burst of colour. «These memories, these food moments, connect me to my Caribbean heritage and my grandma,» Middlé shares warmly.

Interestingly, Middlé’s grandmother, once a strawberry picker, imparted a valuable lesson about dessert-making: weaving fruits into desserts to elevate flavour profiles. This lesson became an enduring touch in Capital Sweet Eats’ creations, a tribute to the past that carries through every bite.

Her grandmother’s legacy wasn’t just about the culinary marvels she created but about how she infused her creations with love and history. The kitchen was their canvas, and each dish was a stroke in a masterpiece that celebrated their Caribbean heritage and the flavours that connected them to their roots.

What Sparked Your Interest in Baking? The Language of Baking

Middlé’s love for baking isn’t just about creating delicious treats; it’s like a symphony of flavours, colours, and emotions coming together in a dance of creativity, therapy, and pure celebration. As she takes us through the pages of her baking journey, Middlé adds that it begins with her grandma’s magic in the kitchen.

 «My early experiences were about watching my grandma work magic in the kitchen, crafting Caribbean desserts that left an indelible mark on me.» Middlé shares.  However, her passion for baking evolved into something more profound. «Baking is like learning another language for me. It’s exciting, fun, and the rewards are always sweet!»  Think about it – each ingredient, each measurement, each technique – they’re like the words, grammar, and melody of a language.

As a self-proclaimed foodie with an undeniable sweet tooth, Middlé’s journey into the industry was a natural progression. «Baking isn’t just about making treats; it’s about contributing to an experience that’s sweet, joyful, and memorable,» she enthuses. And isn’t that the truth?

Caribbean Roots: Where Flavors Dance

Each bite from Capital Sweet Eats takes your taste buds on a Caribbean vacation, delivering a flavour that captures the region’s essence. «Caribbean food is about freshness, vibrant colours, and flavours that pack a punch,» Middlé explains. «These very principles find their way into my baking style.»She doesn’t come to play games when it’s about baking.

Growing up in Canada, Middlé was exposed to many local fresh ingredients and diverse flavour profiles. «My baking philosophy harmonizes Canadian staples with dashes of island influence,» she reveals. Her creations become a testament to the fusion of Caribbean and Canadian flavours, offering a unique experience that bridges two culinary worlds together. We’re talking about baked goods that just hit differently.

Turning Points: The Birth of Capital Sweet Eats

Close your eyes and imagine stepping onto the vibrant streets of the Dominican Republic, where Middlé Lemoine’s journey to Capital Sweet Eats began. Middlé vividly recalls a trip to the Dominican Republic with her mother that changed her perspective. «During that trip, I truly comprehended the depth of Caribbean culinary wonders.»

Every bite told a tale of tradition and passion, from farm-to-table freshness to savouring street snacks. And when the homemade desserts graced her palate, it was as if the flavours themselves whispered stories of the hands that crafted them.

«I returned to Canada with a newfound commitment to share these unforgettable flavours with my community,» Middlé reflects. This commitment led to the inception of Capital Sweet Eats, a way to bring the unforgettable flavours of the Caribbean to Ottawa.

And so, Capital Sweet Eats came to life.

Balancing Family, Business, and Baking Dreams: A Delicate Act

Juggling family life, business responsibilities, and the burning passion for baking is an intricate dance. Yet, for Middlé, it’s pure fulfillment. «Baking isn’t a chore; it’s what I love to do.» Middlé’s love for baking transcends boundaries, seeping into all aspects of her life. From watching baking shows to enrolling in culinary workshops and embarking on culinary journeys to new destinations, baking has become a tangible pursuit through her bakery business.

«For me, it’s not about finding a balance; it’s about the seamless integration of family, community, and personal passions,» Middlé shares, showcasing the harmonious blend that drives her daily.

When asked about her philosophy regarding baking, Middlé adds, «My mission is to bring Caribbean desserts and flavours to the forefront across North America,» Middlé emphasizes. Her baking philosophy is a vibrant celebration of culture and culinary artistry. «Fresh ingredients, colourful presentations, and never skimping on flavour – that’s my philosophy.»

Capital Sweet Eats goes beyond being just a bakery; it’s a vessel to introduce Caribbean flavours into the mainstream. «My desserts are a fusion of local Canadian ingredients and a dash of Caribbean vibrancy, representing the harmony of two worlds.»

Dreams for Tomorrow: 

Looking to the future, Capital Sweet Eats has big dreams to grow and expand.  Hoping to have bakeries open across Canada and a food documentary series that takes you on a journey through Canadian baking artistry. 

Oh, and here’s the cherry: we’re all about empowerment. We’re on a mission to inspire women and all Canadians to chase their culinary dreams. Because baking isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle, a journey of flavours, and a celebration of your inner baker.

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