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About our cakes

Who doesn’t love a cake made with locally grown Canadian ingredients packed with a flavour bomb of island flavours? 

At Capital Sweet Eats, our seasonal cakes provide customers an opportunity to explore the varied dessert offerings found in the Caribbean in a fresh new way. But that’s not all; we also specialize in custom cakes!

It’s time to switch up your standard grocery store dessert for a cake that’s uniquely made for you! Looking for a cake to celebrate your wedding, anniversary or simply want to unwind with friends and enjoy a sweet bite? We’re here to help!  

Submit a custom cake order or take home a sweet bite of heaven by purchasing one of our seasonal cakes.

Topped with fresh fruits and dreamy whipped mascarpone cheese - a bite of this sweet colourful creation definitely brings back all the summer feels on the patio. Enjoy a bite of summer order yours today!

Paired with locally grown Canadian berries this cake is infused with a blend of spice and everything nice. We’ve got dibs on the first piece, but we’d be willing to share if you submit an order now!

This sweet delight is a chocolate lover’s dream! Chocolate drip, light on the vanilla frosting, moist chocolate interior, and each two tiered layers of cake separate by more chocolate frosting. Satisfy your chocolate craving and take one home!

Moist and bursting with a blast of orange! This cake is a fruit lover's dream. Add a little colour and zest to your dinner tab

About our cupcakes

Our cupcake game is just as strong as our cake game – fresh ingredients, elevated designs and a mouthful of flavour. We do custom orders to help you sweeten both your formal occasions and evening nights-in.

Our seasonal cupcake menu is filled with succulent and varied options. Whether you’re craving classic comforting flavours like vanilla and chocolate or consider yourself a more adventurous foodie who’d much prefer a flavour storm of island paradise on their plate, we’ve got you covered! 

Take home any featured options, or send us your custom cupcake order now!

Savor the perfect blend of sweetness and freshness with Capital Sweet Eats' Apple Cupcakes. Moist apple-infused cake topped with velvety frosting—a blissful indulgence in every bite!

Indulge in sunshine-infused bliss with Capital Sweet Eats' Lemon Cupcakes. Moist, zesty cake topped with creamy frosting—a taste of summer in every bite!"

About our cookies

Our cookies are fashioned with the same care and creative approach as our cakes and cupcakes. We’re happy to help you bring your custom selections to life but we also have a seasonal menu that’s filled with crave-worthy eats.

Ready to put in a custom dessert order? Slide into our DMs now!

Indulge in pure chocolate bliss with Capital Sweet Eats' Chocolate Cookies. Rich, decadent, and utterly irresistible.

Experience blissful indulgence with Capital Sweet Eats' Alfajor Chip Cookies. A perfect fusion of soft cookies, rich dulce de leche, and chocolate chips.

Discover pure bliss in every bite with Capital Sweet Eats' Chocolate Chip Cookies. Rich, buttery dough infused with decadent chocolate—perfection perfected.

Savor the timeless taste of Capital Sweet Eats' Butter Cookies. Crumbly, buttery goodness in every bite.

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Discover our boxes


Happiness in one boxes
a customized Box of Happiness

Can’t decide on a cookie, cake or cupcake option? Our Sweet boxes are the answer! We simply innovate, rinse and repeat our cupcake, cake and cookie creations and insert them into individually packaged servings, making it easier for you to enjoy a varied selection of desserts.

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